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Charles Steinhacker photographs exclusively in the 35mm format. It allows him to explore the subject with the kind of spontaneity and creativity lacking with the more cumbersome view camera approach. With today’s lenses and films and Charles’ painterly approach to the medium, there is no longer any need for him to utilize the larger format equipment which produces fine craft but often inhibits artistic vision. Charles’ originals are usually Kodachrome 25 or Fuji Velvia transparencies which he then scans into the computer with a film scanner. Some of the prints are straight photographs, while others are changed to match Charles’ previsualization of how the image should look. This transformation is done through a proprietary process which Charles has developed over the past several years. Prints are made on a luxurious heavy weight matte paper with an ink set that produces the widest possible color gamut (range of colors) and a long display life. Accelerated light fading tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research confirm a display life of 24-36 years before any discernible fading may occur. (These tests are based on standard indoor display conditions of 450 lux of glass-filtered fluorescent light for 12 hours per day, or typical gallery conditions).


The term “limited edition” has become rather meaningless in today’s art market. A limited edition can be several thousand prints. In such a case, the consumer is essentially buying a poster. Try to sell that “poster,” and you’ll find that it’s price is suddenly much less than you paid for it. We, on the other hand, offer truly small limited editions. Our typical edition size is from 20-50 prints with a few images printed in editions of 100. Each print is pencil signed, numbered and titled by Charles. It is archivally matted and shipped to you ready for framing.* When you purchase a Charles Steinhacker original gicleé print, you are obtaining beautiful wall décor that also possesses real inherent value. And our pricing system guarantees that the price will rise until the edition is sold out.


If you’d like to order a print of the image you are viewing, click the “ORDER” button on the print’s page. This will bring you to a secure order form. Filling out the order form is simple and completely secure. No one else on the Internet can view your personal information. However, if you would prefer to order by phone, click on contact us.


The first half of each edition is priced at our low baseline price. After the edition has been 50% sold, then each successive print is sold at a higher price. For example: if the edition size is 20 prints and the baseline price is $275, the first 10 prints are sold at $275 each. The price of print No. 11/20 is raised to $300; 12/20 is $325; 13/20 is $350; 14/20 is $375; 15/20 is $400. As the edition gets closer to being sold out, we will raise the price of each print by a greater amount. Continuing the example: 16/20 is $450; 17/20 is $500; 18/20 is $550; 19/20 is $600; and finally 20/20 is $750.


When you order prints they will be shipped to you in handsome white archival mats and backed with 3/16” archival foam core. The price does not include framing. If you would like us to frame your print in a classic black wood frame, we will be happy to do so. The cost to you is an additional $100. We do suggest, however, that you purchase the prints unframed in order to avoid the extra costs associated with shipping glass. The money saved in shipping can be applied to framing your prints to your own taste and décor once they arrive in your home or office.


Your prints will normally ship within one or two days of receiving your order.


The compressed images that you view on this website cannot possibly do justice to the fine detail and rich colors of the actual giclée prints. We are confident that when you receive your prints you will agree with us that Charles Steinhacker has taken photography to another level. If, however, you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the prints within thirty days for a complete refund. (Please call ahead to inform us of any problems and to arrange for return shipping).

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